Saberlets: Slashing Air, Cutting Costs

Superjet 100: Stunning looks, World-beating performance

Full Fly-by-wire

The Superjet 100 offers standards of economy, performance, environmental efficiency and passenger comfort never before seen in a 100-seat airliner.


The Superjet 100 is the most reliable full fly-by-wire in its class, excellence in design and proven in service. It has been successfully operating a challenging range of cycles, from 1 to 3 hour flights, some 13 flights a day all year round.

Ranging far and wide

Efficient engines in a lightweight airframe extend the range and increase the number of possible routes. The performance of the light and maneuverable Superjet 100 and its ability to operate safely and efficiently from small regional airports brings high levels of comfort and sophistication to routes previously served only by more basic aircraft.

Narrow-body space

In a compact airliner comfortable for passengers, greater access, so more profit for operators.
Unlike the “tunnel effect” of other aircraft of this class, the spacious and airy cabin of the Superjet 100 sets it apart from its competitors.

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